Junies Journey.

6th February by Fruity Beauties

Ahhh Junie…our beloved 1960’s colourful caravan of fruity festivities!

Junie began as a seedling of an idea in our melons when thinking about an eye catching and endearing trade unit for festivals. Both Lucy and Alicia turned into caravan obsessed nerds, trawling the internet day and night looking for the perfect specimen, boring our friends and family senseless with our findings. Then… finally we found Richard and Lyn!

This delightful duo run the English Caravan Company (www.theenglishcaravancompany.com) from their quaint and beautiful home near Stevenage. They take old caravans, lovingly restore them, and sell them on to happy customers such as us.

Each caravan is named, usually by the previous owner, and ours was Junie. We already loved everything about this little retro beauty but Alicia’s very dear and wonderful Grandma had passed the year before and she just happened to be called June so it was a clear sign that Junie was THE Fruity Beauties caravan!

Now was time to festivalize our Junie so we gave her a bold and brilliant make over turning her from this…


(This is the lovely Richard and Lyn with Junie on the happy day of purchase)

To this…



There is still work to do but we are enjoying every part of it and would like to thank all those who have helped us along the way! Watch out for Junie on the roads and at festivals around the country this summer!!